ECRI 2023 Catalogue

We at the Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI) are committed to offering quality educational services and supplies.  ECRI also promotes teaching techniques that focus on mastery learning.

You can view the updated catalogue in each of sections from the links below or to the left.  Or, you can download and save the full electronic version of our catalogue to your hard drive.

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Table of Contents

Teacher Textbooks

Also, includes Content Lessons.  (pp. 2-13)

Student Textbooks

Also includes Literature Kits.  (pp. 14-16)

School Supplies

Items for the students to use: includes notebooks and paper.  (pp. 17-21)

Instructional Aids

Items for teachers to use: includes specialty stamps.  (pp. 22-28)


Computer Programs and Videos/DVDs.  (pp. 29-32)

Mastery Tests/Teaching Materials

Tests and Materials to teach vocabulary:  includes vocabulary from basic reading series, content area texts, and novels.  (pp. 33-43)

Mastery Tests include the vocabulary words students are taught and the expected level of mastery.  ECRI Teaching Materials for vocabulary instruction are produced in manuscript print for younger grades and in cursive handwriting style for older grades.  See sample pages of Mastery Tests and Teaching Materials below.  Click here to view the full list of available materials.

Sample Mastery Test Sample Manuscript Teaching Materials Sample Cursive Teaching Materials


Reprinted articles, brochures, research papers, checklists.  (p. 44).
Click here to view the full list of Teacher Materials and Articles for Teachers available.

Reid Ranch

Reid Ranch flyer.  (pp. 45-46)

Place an Order

Policies, order and return forms.  (pp. ii, 47-48, 49)