Our Other USDE Validated Programs.

We have also developed two other programs validated by the U.S. Department of Education. They are:

Keyboarding, Reading, Spelling (KRS)

KRS is a program to teach students keyboarding skills while mastery is achieved for reading and spelling.  KRS was approved by JDRP and PEP, U.S. Department of Education, for students grade one through grade six.  Supporting data also were gathered from students in grades 7-8.

Enriching a Child’s Literacy Environment (ECLE)

ECLE is a unique approach to teaching young children in order to take advantage of their innate learning ability.  ECLE provides teachers and parents with activities and experiences that strengthen their children’s thinking abilities, build confidence in social situations, develop their children’s oral language and motor skills, and help their children interact with adults in meaningful ways.

We also direct a private school, Reid School, where these programs are featured.