Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI)

ECRI is a program designed as a practical guide to teach reading and other language skills to students in grades K-12.  Inservice for teachers is based on research findings on effective instruction.  ECRI teaches elementary and secondary teachers how and what to teach in reading and language arts instruction, how to schedule school/classroom time, and to implement critical teaching behaviors that prevent student failure.  ECRI also teaches elementary and secondary content teachers to teach literature, science, history, foreign languages, mathematics, etc., so students read, speak, listen, and write well; learn key vocabulary; and use comprehension and study skills.

“I was digging through some old papers, and I came across a paper introducing [Dr. Ethna R. Reid] and ECRI.  This was in the early 70’s.  A group of Oregon teachers, from Oak Grove School in North Albany, attended workshops of yours in SLC in 1974-76.  I have used your program much of the time since then.  I have also taught school at Martin L. King Elementary School in Vancouver, WA. and the past 28 years in four different places in Germany for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools, (DoDDS).  I want to thank you, and let you know the powerful influence you have made on my life over the years.  The last time I saw and spoke with you was in 2000 in Auckland, New Zealand at the Reading World Congress.”

“One of the very first programs to meet the high evaluation standards of the National Diffusion Network was Dr. Ethna Reid’s mastery learning program… Since 1974, ECRI has been installed in thousands of schools throughout the United States and has changed the lives of children and teachers who used it… ECRI is still being installed in schools today and is but one of the innovative programs developed by Dr. Reid.”

“Even to this day, I get excited by the reaction that I observe and the comments that are made by teachers and administrators who attend an ECRI seminar.  They leave the seminar feeling empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to change a child’s life, and in doing so their lives are changed also.”

“Thirty years ago in Visalia, CA I was given professional development in ECRI.  I have taught every grade except 2nd and 8th and in a self-contained charter high school.  Through all of this and all my subsequent districts, I have been complimented to no end on the ECRI skills I still use.  Your methods of direct instruction have made me the confident seasoned teacher I am today.  At 56 I still plan to teach to at least 65 which would give me 42 years in the profession.”