Educators—Come Join Us for Summer Seminars!

Philosophers, poets, and saints have reached the same conclusion about true education:  in order to become truly educated, one must school the whole person.  That’s what the Reid Ranch is all about, because here we don’t just train the intellect.

You already know what ECRI can do for intellectual development.  The program of Reading and Language Arts Instruction which is employed at the Reid Ranch is second to none.  But perhaps you weren’t aware that a summer experience at this learning facility also contributes to physical development.

Programs for both educators and students contain numerous physical activities.  Hiking, horseback riding, swimming, games are all part of the itinerary.  Participants can also quietly observe the bounties of nature which are so prevalent in the rocky mountains which surround the Reid Ranch.  You will have time during your ranch experience to appreciate the beauty of the area.  True, it’s a short experience.  But perhaps a single seminar at the Reid Ranch can be a beginning, a start toward true education.

There are a number of seminars being sponsored at the Reid Ranch this coming summer.

For educators, these opportunities are offered for Summer 2014:

Basic Skills Seminar (5 days)

June 8-13, Fee:  $495

Vocabulary, Comprehension, Writing, Spelling Instruction, Assessment and Scheduling and Record Keeping

Advanced Reading Seminar (5 days)

June 15-20, Fee:  $495

(3rd Seminar) Reading in the Content Areas

Intermediate Seminar (5 days)

June 8-13 or 15-20, Fee:  $495

Integrating Study Skills, Comprehension, Literature, Grammar and Writing

Invitational Conference for Teachers of Teachers (5 days)

June 15-20, Fee:  $495
Rocky Mountain Reading Specialist Leadership Conference (10 days)

June 8-20, Fee:  $750

Includes Two Seminars (Choose the two that best fit your needs!)

Educators’ housing costs are $595/week board & room plus tax.  Students’ registration fee for instruction at the Reid Ranch for 1 or 2 weeks beginning June 8 through June 21 is $325/week for three hours a day instruction, and board and room is $475/week plus tax which includes all amenities at the Ranch.  Registration includes transportation to and from the Ranch from Salt Lake City.  Teachers and students arrive on a Sunday and leave on a Saturday—the day before and after the sessions.  Plane reservations can be made after 10:00 a.m. on Saturday

Educators will need to purchase their own textbooks to use at the seminar and for their classrooms.  See the Required Texts for the Seminar(s).