Number Awareness

The purpose of the math activities in this section is to familiarize the child with number concepts, directions, space and time relationships, and to develop an understanding of likenesses and differences in his/her world by comparing objects.

Each activity is designed to help the child build recognition and verbal ability in dealing with numerals, numbers, and math concepts.  Children need to be able to recognize likenesses and differences when dealing with mathematics.  Opportunities should be provided to develop appropriate vocabulary such as:  longer, shorter, bigger, smaller, more, less, heavier and lighter.  This will aid the children when formal mathematical training begins.

The preschool teacher should present the material on cards using a quick pace.  Daily review will aid the children in retaining what has been presented.  Children using these activities should feel comfortable and confident in answering orally.  To accomplish this, please refrain from testing the child.  Present the material in a friendly, supportive manner.  If a child answers incorrectly, listen carefully to the child.  He/She might be answering another problem.  Reteach or model the correct answer for the children.

Other math activities that use hands-on experiences and help in the development of math vocabulary might not proceed at the brisk pace that working with shape cards would.

A few examples are listed below.

Shape Cards (Spatial Relationships)

Will It Fit? (Spatial Relationships)

Time of Day (Time)

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