Music and Rhythm

Children have an abundance of energy that can be directed during movement time.  Children at the preschool age feel uninhibited to try new things.  They are eager and curious and love to receive attention from adults.

The teacher should provide many different opportunities for children to move freely.  This can be done through movement activities.  Movement incorporates many skills:  physical, sensory-motor, and emotional which build creative imagination and social skills.  Social skills will grow as the children enjoy activities together.

Provide sufficient space for children to be able to move freely their arms and legs.  Make sure there is room for the children to run, skip, crawl, and leap.

If a pianist is available, use him/her!  If not, select many types of recorded music.  Sounds of animals, sirens, trains, etc., can be found in local libraries.  Tapes of any fast, slow, soft, or loud music can be used.

A few examples are listed below.

Inch Worm Fun 

Make Your Own Music

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